About us

Lumine LED industrial lighting is designed for the professional market where high energy efficiency, quality of the light as well as cooling technology are of primary importance. We are a licensed manufacturer as well as an exclusive distributor for southeastern Europe for a Swedish company Lumine LED AB which has been operating on the global lighting market since year 1992.

We have developed LED lighting for all heights (2.8 m up to 30+ m) based on modular technology and the integration of high-quality components. We use aluminum with very high heat conductivity, and polycarbonate (PC) protection of the beam LED module in the production of all our chassis.

We offer our customers and partners a completely free photometric estimate (DIALux) based on which we accurately determine the type, quantity, and position of LED lights in the facility.

Based on the results of the photometric estimate as well as data on the current state of the object, we present a detailed analysis of the difference in the consumption of electricity, savings based on elimination of maintenance as well as a financial analysis with a return on investment (ROI).

We offer warranty for all our products for minimum 5 years.

Contact us for additional information as well for the parameters required for the creation of a cost–benefit analysis, photometric estimate, and a financial analysis (ROI).