Why opt for LED lighting?


    LED lighting technology has revolutionized the lighting market thanks to its very high efficiency. Although LED lighting has been present for many years, only recently have the prices been reduced enough to actually affect the market, encouraging many companies to invest in a "greener", safer and more energy-efficient lighting model while at the same time achieving huge savings in the electricity bill. On average, companies use 15% to 25% of their electricity consumption only for lighting (up to 90% in storage spaces) thus the installation of LED lighting helps reduce fixed costs with quick return on investment thanks to the high efficiency of LED lamps.


    Impressive energy efficiency and environmental impact are two of the most important reasons why we can safely argue that LED lighting is the lighting of the future, and it is incomparable with already outdated lighting technologies in almost all segments of analytical comparison. The current global legislation is regulating the emission of CO2 more and more with the aim to reduce the emission of CO2 even more in the years to come. The introduction of Lumine LED industrial lighting with high energy efficiency will help your company meet the growing demands of legislation and ensure significant savings!


    LED lamps are currently the most effective form of lighting, both indoor and outdoor because they produce far more light for only a small fraction of consumption compared to outdated lighting technologies. Traditional lamps have utilization of 12% to 18% meaning that they produce far more heat than light, while in LED lighting, only a small portion (below 10%) is emitted in the form of heat.

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances

    Toxic and harmful agents such as mercury, lead or glass are not part of LED lamps hence these can be considered a very safe and pure light source. Their recycling susceptibility results in an additional reduction of your company's hazardous waste as well as the reduction of CO2 emission. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, your company will reduce costs with significantly improved lighting, your business reputation will improve based on adhering to norms on CO2 emission, and by reducing the use of hazardous agents.