Swedish semiconductor technology – since 1992

About us

Lumine LED industrial lighting is designed for the professional market where high energy efficiency, quality of the light as well as cooling technology are of primary importance. We are a licensed manufacturer as well as an exclusive distributor for southeastern Europe for a Swedish company Lumine LED AB which has been operating on the global lighting market since year 1992.

We have developed LED lighting for all heights (2.8 m up to 30+ m) based on modular technology and the integration of high-quality components. We use aluminum with very high heat conductivity, and polycarbonate (PC) protection of the LED module in the production of all our chassis.

More details about Lumine LED
  • Secures a quick return on investment

  • Provides better lighting for production spaces and warehouses from 5 to 10 times

  • Better workplace illumination increases worker productivity up to 40%

  • Better workplace illumination reduces the possibility of errors caused by workers even up to 50%

  • Quality lighting reduces worker fatigue up to 85%

  • The risk of work-related injuries is reduced up to 60%.

  • Lighting maintenance costs are completely eliminated

  • Emission of CO2 is reduced